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Reflexology. Feet


Reflexology is a form of 'alternative' or 'complementary' medicine and involves a method of treatment using massage to reflex areas found in the feet and the hands. Most commonly, the feet are used as the areas to be treated.

During a treatment pressure is applied to different parts of the feet in order to promote relaxation and healing elsewhere in the body and this is based on the belief that each part of the body is interconnected through the nervous system to the hands and feet. By applying pressure to the corresponding reflexes imbalances and blocked energy within the body are eventually released by the reflexologist.

What can reflexology do for you?

Reflexology is safe and people of all ages derive positive benefits. It helps with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, including:

•anxiety, stress and tension
•sleep problems
•back, neck problems and sciatica
•digestive problems eg IBS
•sinus and respiratory problems
•headaches, migraines
•hormonal issues such as PMS and menopause
•circulatory problems

" As a working mother of two and constantly "on the go", I sometimes have trouble sleeping especially when I am very busy at work. I therefore approached Jacqui to see if reflexology could help me with my sleeping. Even after just one treatment I noticed a huge improvement in my sleeping - it was great! I now have reflexology whenever things get too hectic and find it a great help."

Your treatment

A reflexology treatment session lasts around 45 minutes. Please allow one hour for your first treatment as you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire to give an understanding of specific needs and issues.

You will be seated in a reclining chair for the treatment. I begin the treatment with a gentle foot massage in order to help you relax. Firm but gentle pressure is then applied to each reflex in turn. Tender areas may indicate congestion or an imbalance in the corresponding part of the body. Most people find the treatment relaxing and are energized at the end.

Reflexology. children's feet

Reflexology for Children

Reflexology is a great way to assist with many childhood ailments from asthma, ear problems, allergies, eczema to constipation. Reflexology can help to stimulate your child’s natural healing processes. Regular treatments boost the immune system and help prevent illness or speed up the recovery process. Children are often more ‘open’ to complementary therapies and usually respond very positively to them.
It’s a great way to help children to learn to relax and introducing reflexology at an early age shows that the individual can play a part in looking after themselves and their own wellbeing.
It’s also great for the turbulent teenage years and can help reduce the high levels of stress and hormonal imbalances which are often experienced at this time.

Healing reactions

Some people may experience healing reactions after their treatment this can include runny nose, headaches, frequent need to pass water. This is the body’s way of eliminating harmful toxins and any reactions will not last long.

Number of treatments

Some people may initially come for reflexology for a specific condition and may require 6 – 8 treatments for maximum benefit. After a set of treatments many people opt to have reflexology on a regular basis, for example, once a month, as a preventative therapy. Others consult a reflexologist simply for relaxation.

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