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How can it help

Hypnosis can be used to overcome a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions. It is a very effective way of helping people remove "blockages" which are stopping them achieving their goals.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

•Weight Loss (including Hypno Gastric Band)
•Stress Reduction
•Confidence Building
•Pain Control
•Habit control (ie. nail biting)
•Exam/Test Nerves
•Eating Disorders
•Anger Management
•Panic Attacks
•Relationship Issues
•Sports Performance
•Achieving in Business
•Stopping Smoking

Feedback from a HypnoGastric Band Client several months after we worked together.
(weight loss may slow as you build up the muscle due to the increased exercise but remember the body is still getting fitter and healthier)

"I just wanted to tell you my weight/ size progress. I am walking/running and cycling on my days off. 12 stone 3llbs today. Since August the weight loss has slowed right down but my body shape is still shrinking. Now wearing 10 to 12 clothes. I feel so empowered. I now don't mind looking in the mirror. Thank you again."

How can it help. Belly
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